Best Dentist in Dhaka

Best Dentist in Dhaka Bangladesh

If you want to consult a best dentist in Dhaka Bangladesh then you are now in right place. You will found some of best dental doctor in Dhaka Bangladesh and you can trust them. You can select your doctor by your own choice, AllDoctorList do not liable for any disadvantage or doctor's fault.

Best Dentist in Dhaka

Fellow of American Endodontics

Expertise: American Expert in Root Canal, Dental Implant, Orthodontic Bracing and Beauty Dentistry With American Degree.

Chief Dental Consultant
Universal Medical College Hospital, Dhaka

BDS (Dhaka), MPH (BSMMU), MPhil (BSMMU)
BCS (Health), PGT (Japan), TCTP (Sri Lanka)
Advanced training on Cosmetic Dentistry (Sri Lanka)
Advanced training on Dental Implantology (USA)

Expertise: Orthodontic Treatment, Dental Implant and General Dentistry

Senior Consultant
Dhaka Medical College Hospital

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